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Family Photo Album

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My family is very important to me. Even though we have some physical distance between us, there is a strong family bond that bridges the miles and keeps us close.

my mother This is my mom, Dolly. Her full name is Gertrude Mary Christine Michlich Reed, but never call her Gertrude or Gerty! She only answers to Dolly, a childhood nickname. She is 88 years old and lives in Mission, Texas (a town on the Mexican/American border) near my brother.


my brother and familyMy brother, Dr. David Reed, is an oral surgeon in McAllen, Texas and lives in nearby Mission. My sister-in-law, Kandy, collects antiques and is a very skilled decorator. My nephew Brian has graduated from college and lives in Mission. My niece Lindsay is still in college at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas.


my son and familyMy son Shawn is a computer network programmer and active in our church. He leads singing at services and performs at weddings and seminars. Debra, my daughter-in-law, is an opera singer with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. Last year she sang the leads in Savitri and Arachne at the Goat Hall Opera in San Francisco. In December, she and Shawn and Jacob all performed in Amahl and the Night Visitors at Goat Hall. Jacob, my grandson, is ten years old and loves singing, dancing, baseball, soccer, and Yu-gi-oh cards.


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