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Art Illustrates Life

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Here are some samples of my freehand artwork:

Genesys Group

This is a caricature that I drew of a Human Resources group working on the Genesys project software at The Associates in Las Colinas, Texas. It was silkscreened on a t-shirt that was given to each of the members on the project team.

cartoon charactercartoon character These are original characters I developed for USAC, a division of The Associates, which is an auto club for Ford automobile owners. They were used in advertisements, brochures, and newsletters.

greeting card cartoongreeting card cartoon These two drawings are from a series of cartoons I drew about computer problems for a co-worker's birthday card at The Associates. The card was shown around and I was eventually asked if the cartoons could be used in the company's newsletter as original clipart.

For an interesting view of art history, visit The Art History Timeline at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's web site.

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